Meet Brad Bradley S. Nicodemus, Esq.

Brad is the Mayor of the Village of Baltimore and an attorney at the Nicodemus Law Office, LPA. Brad grew up in Lancaster, graduating from Lancaster High School. He attended The Ohio State University, graduating as a Dean's List student with degrees in Economics (2004) and Political Science (2005). Brad attended Capital University Law School as an evening student and, after earning several awards including Dean's List recognition, he graduated a semester early, with a Juris Doctor with a Government Affairs concentration. Brad sat for the February 2010 Ohio Bar Exam and was admitted to the Ohio Bar in May 2010. Brad opened his law office in May 2010 and has been serving the legal needs of county residents since.

In addition to his private practice, Brad is the Assistant City Attorney in Whitehall, Ohio. In this capacity, he regularly handles contract matters, employment matters, environmental code enforcement matters, represents the City in civil matters, including eminent domain land appropriations, supervises City prosecutors in Franklin County Municipal Court, and prosecutes cases in both Mayor's Court and Municipal Court. Brad is also the Village Prosecutor for the Village of Thornville where he prosecutes all misdemeanor cases on behalf of the Village and is a Special Prosecutor for the City of Reynoldsburg.

Prior to staring his law practice, and while working towards his undergraduate and law degrees, Brad worked for The Ohio State University managing large transactional databases and developing e-commerce and student information system applications. As a staff member, Brad was appointed to several university committees where he chaired several subcommittees and was vice president and parliamentarian of a statewide university staff council. While at OSU, Brad met his wife, Martha. They married in 2004 and welcomed their first child, Hallie, in 2010. Brad spends time on the weekends at his Mother and Step-father's small cow farm mending fence, cutting trees, and helping with the cows.

Issues Priority Issues Facing Ohio

There are a number of issues facing Ohio today. While all issues that affect the lives of Ohioans are important, education, employee rights, economic and business development are among the most important.


  • 1. K-12 Funding: The funding for our public schools must be stabilized so that all of Ohio's school children, whether in affluent districts, rural districts, or large urban districts, all have the same educational opportunities to succeed.
  • 2. Let Teachers Teach: Ohio's school teachers are some of the most dedicated and educated teachers in the nation. We need to allow our teachers to do their job of educating our children and let them use their professional education and experience to determine the best methods of teaching, specific to each class, subject and/or child, without fear of numerous testing requirements and metrics.
  • 3. College Affordability: No Ohio resident should have to consider crippling debt upon graduation from one of Ohio's public colleges or universities. The only questions a resident should ask when applying to an Ohio public college or university is (1) do I want to go here; (2) do I have the academic and extracurricular activities to be accepted; and (3) when do I begin classes?
  • 4. Vocational and Apprenticeship Programs: College is not for everyone and that is ok. Great careers are available through vocational education and apprenticeship programs. These programs should be encouraged in our high schools just as much as the college application process is.

    Employee Rights

  • 1. Collective Bargaining: To have a thriving economy, Ohio's workforce must feel it is protected and collective bargaining allows employees to discuss fair wages, healthcare, and work place protections. Collective bargaining also benefits employers by knowing they do not have to annually negotiate with all employees, and provides one set of uniform regulations and protections for everyone to follow. Workers confident in their employment are more productive which is better for employees and employers.
  • 2. Living Wage: Over the past year there has been much discussion about a $15/hr minimum wage throughout the country. I do not know that $15/hr is an appropriate minimum wage in Ohio. But I do know that the current minimum wage does not provide a living wage for Ohioans and that when workers have a living wage, they consume more which benefits companies and employers and more than offsets any increase in wages an employer must pay. We must raise the minimum wage in Ohio.
  • 3. Equal Pay: It is unconscionable that in 2016 a woman makes less than a man for doing the same job only because she is a woman.

    Economic Development

  • Infrastructure: To attract new businesses to Ohio and for those already here, Ohio must make significant investments in its infrastructure. With roads generally rated as poor across the state, a rail system inadequate for the demand, and expensive utilities, attracting businesses to Ohio is difficult. With a common sense approach to investing in our infrastructure, Ohio can once again be the heart of it all.
  • Education: STEM-based companies require a superior educational system to start-up or re-locate in Ohio. Highly educated workers typically require the school districts where they are living/working to have superior rating so they know their children will be continually challenged in school and receive a great education. Until Ohio invests in its public education system (see Education) we may not be seriously considered for large investment by STEM-based companies.

    Other Issues

  • There are a number of issues Ohioans face on a daily basis. Please check back often for updates regarding these issues.

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